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Any window in any home demands for various décor solutions. One of the most popular ones – decorating windows with curtains. It is a never ending game with a material, it’s subtle features, unlimited pallete of colors and patterns.

Other modern means of windows décor like roman blinds or Japanese panels are rising in popularity but still appear quite limited if the given interior has some restrictions. Curtains, however, is a very universal “window apparel”. So, if you decided already to choose curtains as the main clothing for your windows, the next big thought would be – “what is the role the curtains are going to play in the given interior?” Are curtains going to be the pride and adornment of your home, or just the mean to feel safe from curious sights of your neighbors and somehow unpleasant sunshine? Are curtains going to become a highlight and a “hook for an eye” or they just melt with surrounding furniture, walls and stay almost invisible?

When you have finally decided what role the curtains will take up, the next step will also appear not less interesting and intruiging. Chosen material features, like color, weight, patterns, the way the curtain is hanged will define final view. Such subtle means like fabric’s transparency, the decorative endings for curtain rails, curtain holders could influence the final result a lot.