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Roman blinds

romanetės grožio ir funkcionalumo derinys nepalieka abejingų Toliau

Roman blinds is a very practical, convenient and functional design solution for windows décor. It is very important that, differently from window screens or traditional blinds, the same curtains fabrics can be used. That’s how we can offer a very broad selection of fabics and combine roman blinds with curtains.

The roman blinds fold above the window with the help of a chain. There are other ways to affix the roman blinds – not only above the window, but also inside the niche of the window or even on the window frame itself. Such a wide range of methods to affix the roman blinds let our designers to combine roman blinds flexibly to the given interior and it’s restrictions.

“Oduva” imports the mechanisms of roman blinds from Spain and Italy, where roman blinds are very popular from the old times. These mechanisms are of better quality than some other analogs, which are made in China. That is why we can offer to our clients 5 years of warranty to the mechanisms of roman blinds, assembled in our shops. Furthermore, each roman blind is assembled according to the exact measurements of your windows,- that’s why everyone can be sure it’s a quality product designed for a particular window and interior situation.

Surely, we offer the service of affix of roman blinds at our client’s place. During the process of affix our specialists will tell you about the care and usage of the roman blinds.