Užuolaidų salonas Oduva


itališki, vokiški, lenkiški karnizai kiekvieno skoniui ir namams Toliau

Window décor is not possible without the elements of affix. The most important part of it is curtains rails. “Oduva” has managed to create one of the largest curtain rails and accessories collections in Lithuania market. While continuously expanding rails assortment we can be flexible and offer to our customers the affix solution that fits perfectly to the given interior situation. We import curtain rails from Italy, Germany and Poland.

The rails usualy are divided into wall rails and ceiling rails. “Oduva” offers to it’s clients only good quality rails that are made of metal. If there is not enough space above the windows there is always an option to affix ceiling rails, that are very ergonomic, modern and do not require much space at all.

If customers order, our rails specialists will come to the place to affix the rails. We guarantee the quality of our work, – the rails specialists can brag a lot about their long-term experience in this field. The rails do not only hold all the weight of the curtains, but they also have to be affixed to hold much heavier loads, for example, when curtains become the toys for children.