Užuolaidų salonas Oduva

Center of attention

Užuolaidos - interjero akcentas - "Oduva" Toliau

Do not be afraid to stand out of the crowd – like the popular adage says – “my home is my stronghold”. You are allowed to have a luxury to be yourself when you are at home, so, if you enjoy bright, hefty patterns on curtains fabrics, do not have any doubts and just make it happen! Bright curtains are very suitable in combination with light colored walls and/or furniture. Large curtains patterns look best when there are no other patterns in the given room interior, so they do not compete among each other. Excluding the features of fabrics for curtains there are other alternative curtains décor solutions – not traditional means to hang the curtain, impressive curtains bindings, pelmets for classical interiors and so on and so on.